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Class Overview

Gentle Morning Flow - 60 Minutes

This is a traditional inspired yoga class sequence that offers opportunities for breathwork, and a balance between movement through a flowing sun salutation and pausing to take time to hold, while breathing into yoga form variations.  This class is designed to create energy, while staying centered.  Anyone and everyone is welcomed!

Lunch-Hour Vinyasa Flow - 45 Minutes

Take a break in your day and join us for this short, Vinyasa flow class!  Vinyasa Yoga includes fluid transitions from pose to pose, linking breath to movement.  Expect to build strength, flexibility, and balance while having fun and calming your mind.  Some prior yoga experience is recommended but not necessary.  You will likely break a sweat in this class.

Restorative Yoga - 60 Minutes

Restorative Yoga is an application of yoga meant to help the body heal and restore.  It is a slow and grounding practice.  In Restorative Yoga, you will experience 3-5 poses, that are held for long periods of time and are supported by bolsters, blankets, and blocks to make the practitioners as comfortable as possible.  Restorative Yoga has proven to facilitate weight loss and maintenance.  It is a quiet practice with plenty of space for silence, breathing and meditation, therefore, calming the central nervous system.  Additionally, Restorative Yoga helps with injury prevention and assists practitioners in becoming more adaptable and responsive so energy can flow more freely throughout their bodies.  This class will likely not make you sweat.

Parent and Child Storytime Yoga - 30 Minutes

This class is appropriate for kiddos who will do best having a parent or caregiver participate with them.  There will be a short time for a story then we will play with movement and breathing and imagination.  This class is meant to be fun and plant seeds of joy and mindfulness.  Please contact us if you have questions determining if this class is appropriate for your child.

Gentle Yoga - 60 Minutes

This yoga class sequence is designed to promote relaxation and explore mindfulness through breathwork, brief guided meditations, and gentle stretching with options of using bolsters and blocks.  This class offers the opportunity for calming the mind, refueling the body, and embracing the present.  Anyone and everyone is welcomed!

Chair Yoga - 45 Minutes

Chair Yoga is perfect for anyone wanting to experience the many benefits of yoga while not having the requirement of getting up and down off the floor.  We will use the chair to sit in or as a support while standing to move through gentle yoga poses and breath work.  Suitable for all levels.

Sunrise + Sculpt - 60 Minutes

This class will focus on balance and control in the yoga postures that don’t always get as much attention as they need. The driving force of this class is taking everything slow and steady to make our flows and our bodies stronger. Challenges will always be offered for the yogi to modify how they choose.

Hatha Flow - 60 Minutes

This Hatha Yoga class focuses on breath, controlled movements, and stretching.  You can expect a slower flow through poses to enhance mind/body connection.  Perfect for all levels.

Independent Yoga for Kids - 30 Minutes

This class is appropriate for kids who can participate in a short class independently.  There will be a focus, or intention, presented for the class that day, followed by exploration on movement and breath.  This class is intended to be fun and plant seeds of joy and mindfulness.  Please contact us if you have questions determining if this class is appropriate for your child.

Yin Yoga - 75 Minutes

Yin Yoga focuses on stimulating the connective tissues and joints, hydrating, and pushing vital nutrients to these areas.  Yin is where large gains in flexibility can be seen with regular practice.  This is accomplished through passive holding of postures for 3-6 minutes, using the breath to ease the body further into the pose.  Poses are frequently supported by props.  Yin Yoga is quite meditative and compliments our Yang practices such as Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga, bringing balance to our practice.  You will likely not sweat in this class but you will leave feeling revitalized.

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